Hans Schuttenbeld / High On Type (2020)

The work of Hans Schuttenbeld is following the calligraphic principle: Dividing black and white by directing the movement of a tool.  With his progressive calligraphy the challenge is to enrich the age-old great library of scripts. After years of practicing this craft the interest in abstracting calligraphy took off. While holding on to the principles,Continue reading “Hans Schuttenbeld / High On Type (2020)”

Guy Verbeek (2020)

The theme was ‘buitenspelen’, playing outside, soGuy Verbeek made a buitenspeelwinkel for the kids!Taking things seriously without being too serious about things, Guy Verbeek works his ways in various creative disciplines such as (corporate) graphic design, illustration, mural art, creative concepts, typography and what not.What a guy! See more of his work at:www.instagram.com/guy.foreverwww.whataguy.nl

Sektie / Jeffrey Warlich (2020)

Jeffrey’s work can be described as “retro-graphic-cartoony-hoodlum-chic”. Influenced by mid-century Americana, Jeffrey draws mostly from vintage popculture. From saturdaymorning cartoons to rock’n’roll recordsleeves and cerealboxes. His work is recognized in several subcultures like the international graffiti-, rock’n’roll, and kustom kulturescene. While the Americana stuff is playing a big role in his work, Jeffrey is graduallyContinue reading “Sektie / Jeffrey Warlich (2020)”

Miranda Ensink & Tim Sake (2020)

Can’t miss this piece by Miranda Ensink and Tim Sake. Some extra sunshine in the winter!  Miranda Ensink / Amsterdam SignpaintersHaving studied and worked as a graphic designer before she dedicated herself to sign painting. Here she can combine every aspect she loves into the work field and deal with letters, images, painting, designing, drawing,Continue reading “Miranda Ensink & Tim Sake (2020)”


Our first edition of the signpainting event Windows to the World started in december 2020. In April 2021 we organized an auction for a local playground. And we started to organize online competitions on our instagram where we challenge signpainters to get creative. Click ‘home’ to scroll down to see all the artists that participated.Continue reading “About”