Yes! We’re back! You can enjoy the coolest sign painters at various locations for a good month!
Especially for Windows to the World, work is made on all kinds of windows throughout the city center and Kelderman en van Noort we set up an exhibition.
The works can be seen until October 10th.

You can find a map here

In the city center, large works are made by Guido de Boer, Pink Panther Paints, Mr.Mister, GoodGuyBoris and Jeffrey ‘Sektie’ Warlich. Also Antigoon has developed a machine that can plot complex patterns directly on the windows.
We have a collaboration between 3 Eindhoven poets (Indenaamvan, Tessa Gabriƫls and Monique Hendrikse) and 3 Eindhoven Signpainters (Niels Bakkerus, Guy Verbeek and hahaHaas) who create new works in the city center and the central station.
We also toured the city with about ten sign painters to work freehand on various windows. Check out the full line up by clicking on artists.

Kelderman en van Noort.
On Sunday 5 September we opened our expo at Kelderman en van Noort with the work of different sign painters. You can also see the result of an evening freestyling by different sign painters and illustrators.

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