Windows to the World is an initiative or MrVains and organized by Jasper van Es (PAPERJAM) and Ben Plummer (The Ben Plummer Sign co.)

It is financially supported and wouldn’t be possible without Binnenstad Investeringszone Eindhoven (BIZ) and the Urban Coöperation EMOVES.

Special thanks to Gemeente Eindhoven, Eindhoven365 and Eindhoven247 for their support and cooperation and of course all the location partners! Thanks for the trust!

For the zine we work together with Chemistry Publishing.
The Student Hotel is our hotelpartner.

And we can not do this without the support of the community and all the artists! And everybody who helped and supported us along the way: Eric! Thom! Guy! Niels! Roald! Hugo! Klim! Louis! Erik! Blickfanger! Cuno! Marlou! Emma! Daan! Mariola! Marieke! Iselle! Lisa! Siem! Dion! Andre!


Jasper & Ben